POS Pro features ease of use and fast, accurate checkouts that reduce human error. These are some POS functions:
  • POS Cash Drawer and Receipt Functions
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Instant Customer Data
  • Item Quantity and Price Look Up
  • POS Summary Reports

Customer Relations Functions

POS Pro includes effective tools to Increase Traffic and Create Customer Loyalty. Following are some of these:

  • View the most/least profitable customers and what they buy
  • View what items are sold to specific customers
  • Assign a specific discount to any specific customer
  • Limit the number of checks a specific customer can write
  • Keep notes on any customer
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • View Customer Balance & Limits
  • Send email to customers directly from the customer screen
  • Assign pictures to customers
  • Immediately recognize the customer at the cash register
  • Focus on the customer by automatically ranking the top customers weekly, monthly and annually
  • Find out the customers discount usage, preferred products, times shopped and item sales by department

Account Receivable function

Over a decade POS Pro has developed many special functions to Add Flexibility, and Widen Application.

  • Integrated accounts receivable
  • Track balances
  • Set limits, Send statements
  • “Bill to:” Name and Address
  • Calculate and apply Finance Charges
  • Aging of Receivables

Electronic Payments function

  • Integrated Debit and Credit card processing
  • Concord Certified
  • Buypass Certified with Concord
  • Hypercom Certified
  • EBT Daily balancing Settlement Report
  • Detail reconciliation report for any discrepancies


  • Track fastest, most accurate, and productive cashiers
  • Track deposits verifying they match sales
  • Track safe any time during the day
  • Monitor Cashiers
  • Perform Pickups and Loans from BackOffice


  • Product Movement for any item shown in any timeframe for weeks, months, or years
  • Analyze product sales for any reporting group, department, section, or vendor for any timeframe
  • Find best selling products and worst selling products
  • Find most profitable products
  • Analyze Ads
  • Find best selling products on Ad
  • Find most profitable products on Ad
  • Compare product movement before, during, and after the Ad
  • Determine Ad mark down
  • Analyze store sales for any timeframe
  • Graphically compare current /last year sales by week, month, or year
  • Hourly report shows busy and slow times of the day
  • Assign departments to an “aggregate” department for reporting purposes
  • Sales Reporting by Sales Person Number

Employee Features

  • Cashier Training Mode
  • Complete Cashier Monitoring
  • Cashier Productivity Reports
  • Which cashiers are most accurate, fastest
  • Track voids, refunds, over/short by cashier
  • Track cashiers productivity for any time frame
  • Salesman Tracking

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